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A Year-end Recap of CPOA: Celebrating Success, Unity, and Awesomeness

By John Alvi B. Morales

It's the ideal moment to take stock of our amazing journey at CPOA as the year comes to an end. This year has been filled with incredible accomplishments, memories that will never be forgotten, and a persistent dedication to building a sense of camaraderie throughout our team. Let's take a journey down memory lane and commemorate the moments that made 2023 genuinely memorable as we say goodbye to 2023.

Year-End Team Building: Amazing Race


This exciting event went above and beyond the typical team-building activities, giving our employees a competitive and exciting environment in which to work together, plan, and overcome obstacles. For our team, participating in The Amazing Race served as a figurative adventure that emphasized the need for collaboration, communication, and common goals. 

The effects spread throughout our entire organization and weren't limited to the event itself. We observed that team members were becoming closer to one another, that lines of communication were becoming more effective, and that a collaborative atmosphere was being fostered throughout our daily activities. These measures have not only made a substantial contribution to creating a happier work environment, but they have also established a strong basis for future success. 

CPOA Global's Finest: A Spectacle of Diversity and Talent

An important place in the impressive mosaic of our accomplishments this year is the remarkable "CPOA Global's Finest" company showcase. This spectacular theme captured the spirit of our dedication to embracing and highlighting the distinctive qualities that make CPOA genuinely remarkable, in addition to celebrating the variety of talents inside our organization. 

The stage came to life with a colorful display of inventiveness as our members displayed their skills in hilarious skits and outstanding performances, giving it their all with flair and passion. "CPOA Global's Finest" became a genuine celebration of our team's abilities, highlighting the individual and group genius that characterizes our dynamic group. 

In addition to the glamorous performances, this pageant provided our employees with a strong platform to showcase their originality and inventiveness. "CPOA Global's Finest," the topic, emphasized the idea that diversity is not only recognized as one of our greatest strengths but also cherished. The occasion turned into a live example of the lively and welcoming atmosphere that characterizes CPOA. 

Spreading Holiday Magic: CPOA's Festive Rendition of "You Make It Feel Like Christmas

CPOA set out on a creative journey that not only embraced the joy of the holidays but also demonstrated our team's artistic prowess in the festive spirit of the season. With the wonderful song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, our joint effort resulted in a touching Christmas music video. 

Employees from different departments came together for this musical project to capture the enchantment of the season. With its upbeat dance and striking visuals, the video evolved into a celebration of our group's abilities and the special chemistry that makes up CPOA. A unique touch was added to the song selection, which resonated with the coziness and warmth of the holiday season. 


The Christmas music video became more than just a fun diversion; it became a moving reminder of the upbeat and happy environment we try to create at work. It acted as a graphic symbol of our dedication to establishing a work environment where celebration, cooperation, and creativity flow together naturally. 


CPOA reached unprecedented heights in 2023, creating a tapestry of celebration, innovation, and unity. "CPOA Global's Finest" featured a varied range of talents, "The Amazing Race" fostered team unity, and our Christmas music video, including the song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," spread holiday cheer. 


One thing is certain as we say goodbye to an incredible year: CPOA's dedication to providing our employees with a Ridiculously Awesome experience is unshakable. Our exciting team-building activities, colorful talent shows, and touching musical collaborations are just a few examples of our dynamic, inclusive culture, which is here to stay. The accomplishments of the previous year set the stage for an even more promising future in which CPOA's distinct spirit will continue to be defined by cooperation, innovation, and celebration. To the voyage past and the thrilling discoveries to come, cheers! 

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