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Getting the Most Out of Your AT&T Internet

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: Theadora Cericos Malvar , Content Writer

As hybrid and remote working become more prevalent, getting an internet connection is essential to help you do the job efficiently. If you'd like to get the best out of your AT&T, check out these tips:

1. Control all of your linked gadgets at home.

Having a Smart Home Manager can help manage your home network. You can use this tool to manage parental controls, search your Wi-Fi password, alter the network name, see how many devices are connected to your internet, identify various devices on your network to make it easier to keep track of them, and even resolve common technical problems.

2. Gain Access to Your Smart Home Manager with the App or Online

When ready to use the Smart Home Manager, you may install the Smart Home Manager mobile app or sign in to your AT&T account online.

You can also go to the AT&T page for support if you already own the Smart Home Manager app and need assistance utilizing it.

3. Test Your Network's Performance

You may use Smart Home Manager to test the internet connection speed to your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway and even monitor the operation of specific home network devices. You can start looking for ways to enhance the performance of your home network after you are aware of whether your devices are operating as they should.

4. Place Your Devices Near the Wi-Fi Gateway or Use Wired Connection

We all appreciate Wi-convenience, but the truth is that a cable connection plugged straight into your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway will nearly always provide quicker, more dependable internet. If that isn't feasible, bringing devices closer to the gateway can frequently enhance Wi-Fi connections. Moving your gadgets away from home furnishings like a microwave or a fish tank that can affect Wi-Fi reception can sometimes even improve your Wi-Fi connections. With the help of AT&T Smart Home Manager's features, you can test the Wi-Fi signal in various rooms of your home to determine how you may strengthen the connection to your devices.

5. You Can Also Use Wi-Fi Extenders

Do your devices consistently fail to function correctly in some areas of your home, even though you believe your internet service is generally good? These kinds of problems can be very annoying, but they might not be related to the effectiveness of your internet connection. Your Wi-Fi gateway and device may occasionally be separated by walls, ceilings, and other domestic obstructions. In some areas, this may reduce the signal and keep you from receiving quality service. When you want to ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal to a particular device in a specific spot in your home, moving things about can assist but might not be sufficient.

If you would like to learn more about AT&T internet, check out this link to learn more about AT&T’s various internet services, from fiber internet to fixed wireless internet.

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