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How Human Connection and Technology Keep Business Moving

By: Theadora Cericos Malvar, Content Writer

As the world becomes more mobile, the business world attempts to keep up. The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies and employees to steer their ships from home. This led to a shift in how we work and interact with colleagues, employers, and clients. Now, businesses need to meet their employees and customers where they are, regardless of what industry they are involved in.

New Way of Working

Employees and customers need to be connected anywhere and anytime. Sri Shivananda, chief technology officer of PayPal, said mobile is "a ubiquitous form of interaction." For years, people have shopped online, expecting the same (or an even better) experience from their cellphones, including an easy way to pay.

Digital Well-being

Health care is no exception to mobility. Wireless connectivity played a vital role in the effectiveness of mobile clinics and the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, gaining the attention of healthcare superiors. The process goes that individuals can sign up for a vaccine appointment and receive reminders for booster shots. What makes this "push" technology effective is that it puts (vaccine) reminders right in the patient's hands.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies also made it possible for telehealth to become a healthcare source during the COVID-19 pandemic. And according to UnitedHealth's CEO Carissa Rollins, it's here to stay now that patients and providers have become more well-adjusted with technology for certain types of healthcare.

Balanced Interaction

A key element to these examples is connection. And now, with technology, it's not always done in a brick-and-mortar store or an office. We heard about the significance of the human side of mobility amid the exhilaration of technology liberating us from physical constraints. To simplify our lives and strengthen our connections, we are embracing technology.

Establishing a balance between the advantages of mobility and in-person cooperation is something that managers are focusing on more and more. They are discovering that everyone has been thinking about their well-being more than before as they direct return-to-office strategies. The bonding in the physical office is known as "social capital,” and Microsoft employee polls have shown that it boosts mood and productivity.

However, online meetings are now frequently held at work. 97% of sessions are expected to be virtual in the future since so many workers want the flexibility that comes with working remotely.

Technology is Here to Stay

To fully realize the potential of the mobile world for transforming lives and boosting businesses, it has been acknowledged that everyone needs fair access to 5G networks. Many business leaders are attempting to close the digital divide and are eagerly anticipating the potential benefits of 5G.

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