An overall good experience.  CPOA Global staff were responsive and made a  strong effort to make the transition as seamless as possible.  Our service is smooth.

Nahon Choudhury
Panoptic Development

CPOA Global is very responsive to customer concerns. The process of installing phone and internet lines involves multiple individuals from multiple organizations. Yet my CPOA Global representative served as a single point of contact and would always get back to me quickly regarding the status of my order. The overall experience was very positive.

Andrew Kapur
Attorney at Law

"I have found the CPOA team to be a pleasure to work with over the last 4 years.  They are usually quick to respond to questions and I have found them to be professional and friendly to deal with.  
I was skeptical at first with them as I thought they were an extension of AT&T but found them to be an excellent liaison when needing something from said carrier. 


Wyman Hom
Net Brain Consulting

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help with internet for us and for our customers this year. You have always been so responsive and effective.  I always feel that when dealing with Andy, we will get our jobs done right and on time."

Karen Maffei
ProActive Network, Inc.

Working with Chris Goar and CPOA Global has been very beneficial to our business. He made sure we had everything we needed and insured we are getting the best deals possible from AT&T. When problems with our account arose, Chris was always very helpful to solve them!

Minerva Van Straatum
Sinclair Law Office

We have received excellent customer service and support from CPOA Global. Not only the great service they provided, but their follow-up support is also very good as well.

Keiko Gonzalez
Mutsutech, Ltd.

CPOA is excellent for their support on communication between my company and AT&T. They have excellent support and focusing on our side needs. CPOA is the only reason that we still keep our AT&T Internet line circuit.

Joseph Huang
Mis Assistant Director

I was very satisfied with CPOA and its level of service. I thought you did a great job.

Thomas M. Edens
Marion Financial Corp.

Thank you for all of your help with the internet for us and for our customers this year. You have always been so responsive and effective. I always feel that when dealing with CPOA we will get our jobs done right and on time.

Karen Maffei
Proactive Networks, Inc.
Internet Connectivity

Our expertise in identifying solutions and overseeing the implementation process has garnered us champion-level recognition from our partners. We have handled every business in various industries and sizes, offering a white-glove approach for each that helps us build long-term trust and reliability.

We are specialists in multiple types of solutions: Dedicated internet, business fiber, cable, broadbrand, managed networks, fixed wireless, satellite, etc.

Office Phone Systems (UCaaS)

Voice calls, while still the most prevalent and relied form of telecommunication, UCaaS brings VoIP, video conferencing, instant messaging, and collaboration tools together all into one.

Through our strategic partnerships and network of carriers, we provide a host of best-in-class business office phone systems from our industry. From basic services such as POTS, PRI to UCaaS, SIP trunking, and VoIP, we help businesses identify which solution is the most appropriate and cost effective based according to their respective needs and user profiles.

24/7 Chat, Email & Administrative Services

Are you having challenges with customer inquiries and getting back to them immediately? With just a click of a button, they can get a live representative to answer general inquiries and requests before and after office hours.

If your business requires administrative tasks such as documents being sent back and forth, data encoding and scheduling appointments, our fully managed back office-as-a-service team can be trained on your specific requirements on how you like things done.

24/7 Answering Services & Customer Support

Never miss an opportunity again. We know how important client relationships are, make your business even more efficient and accessible. Once that phone rings a dedicated customer success specialist will handle your questions and inquiries. You have an option to receive incoming or make outgoing calls and control call volume spikes. This can be during office hours, after-hours and across all time zones.

Financial and Accounting Services

We provide Finance and Accountancy services to clients who want to efficiently outsource their company’s financial back office. Let us crunch your numbers for you.

AR/AP Review & Encoding
Sales Review and Encoding
Payroll Computation & Reconciliation
Fully Outsourced Accounting

Web Design and Development

Let us design a website that will enhance your brand, capture more digital market share, and increase your clients.

We offer both turn-key and custom designed websites that will elevate your web presence and capture more clients.

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions is growing to be the service of choice for many business, small to large. The convenience of hosted infrastructure and software management allows customers to scale without the burden of adding hardware, manpower, and maintenance.

We have partners who handle cloud computing, software-as-a-service, managed cloud hosting, and other solutions that help our customers dedicate more time and resources to the core of their business as we manage their telecom requirements ourselves.

Wireless Services

Reliable connectivity outside the office is crucial for many organizations. A mobile workforce is supplemented by fast data speeds on industry-grade devices, as well as secure access to the corporate server for information and processing.

We offer not just the purchase and management of mobile devices, but also device buyback, data analysis, and international usage maintenance. We also support failover solutions via LTE-connected routers.

Understanding is the key to increase demand

Requirements and issues change over time. Discovering our client’s critical concern is essential to provide the appropriate solution. With the right information from the client, combined with the knowledge of various services, our team's goal is to provide the optimal and the best solution for you.

Built for Sustainable Success

Our business operates with three key strategies that spans every department and process, allowing success to be our standard.

Customer-Centric Culture

We are dedicated with nurturing the right attitude. Attitude directs the motivations of the individual, impacting work ethic, and ultimately reflects on how customers see the company. Therefore, brand is largely shaped by the culture fostered within the company.
Our energy is directed to promoting customer encouragement and loyalty. As customers ourselves, we tap into our experiences and develop ideas for improvement. We are familiar with the frustration of subpar service provided by carriers; thus we consciously take a different path with our clients. By understanding their specific needs, we create our customer-centric response at every engagement level, to make it seamless as possible.

Progress through People

We believe in consistency and are in it for the long-term. We invest in developing people because companies can only truly succeed when their people succeed first.

Our core values are attuned to our mission of providing a ridiculously awesome customer experience in every engagement. Customer service is part of our fabric in every aspect, and this gives us the ultimate advantage. Our focus is to simplify and provide solutions that have a positive impact on our client's bottom line. By equipping our team members with the knowledge and tools to do the best, our goal is to build long lasting relationships with every customer we work with.

Seriously Scrutinized Solutions

The right answers to a problem can be found in the details. Every person on the team is responsible to be detail oriented and pay close attention to the client's specific needs and dig deep to identify the root business issues to solve them. Only then can the correct solution be recommended. We take our time to ensure that we review all the details correctly the first time around so that we do not have to go back and spend more time and resources to fix the problem..

AT & T Alliance Champion Solution Provider

Carrier and Service Providers

AT&T Alliance Channel Solution Provider Champions

AT&T proudly presents the AT&T Solution Provider Champion recognition to those Solution Providers who go above and beyond to serve customers. These companies are among the top performers, based on their fiscal performance in 2020. Being recognized as a Solution Provider Champion requires a commitment to success, and these are the companies that have achieved it.

Congratulations to all our 2021 Champions.

Click below to view the complete listing of the 2021 AT&T Alliance Channel Solution Provider Champions.

2014 Bronze Champion Solution Provider
2015 Silver Champion Solution Provider
2016 Silver Champion Solution Provider
2017 Silver Champion Solution Provider
2018 Bronze Champion Solution Provider
2019 Silver Champion Solution Provider
2020 Bronze Champion Solution Provider